Health Coach Focused On The Applied Science of Lasting Fat-Loss

You need to lose excess body fat, not just weight, and do so without also losing muscle (the source of your longevity). 

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Hi, I'm Jelena Lakic

A longevity-centric body recomposition coach based in Cape Town, South Africa.

You may know me as the "fat-loss breakthrough" specialist, as I've helped hundreds of individuals just like you lose excess body fat while rebuilding muscle and strength that lasts in record time.

You may also know me as the cofounder of 10X Fitness Coaching, a health-coach certification program in which I help to train and certify over a thousand coaches in the 10X method each year.

Fat-loss Breakthrough, my most popular coaching service, is a 90 min 1-on-1 coaching session that offers instant behavioural-based breakthrough solutions (guaranteed!) for those in need of immediate personalised guidance.

Longevity Recomp, my signature longevity-based body-recomposition program, is a live 6-week group-coaching course designed to help students master the dietary, exercise, and lifestyle habits that make losing excess fat while rebuilding muscle, strength, mobility, and endurance easy and lasting.

Reasons To Work With Me

Nadia Viljoen (6 Weeks)

I couldn't believe that a single resistance exercise session each week coupled with walking produced a sufficient calorie deficit for me to lose 2.2 kg of fat in 6 weeks. As a busy mom this is exactly the advice I needed. I can't wait to see where I'll be in 6 months. Thank you, Jelena. 

Crystal Norton (3 Months)

There's nothing like a DEXA scan to show you what's really going in your body. I can't believe making three simple changes, strength training twice per week, doubling protein, and a small sustainable calorie deficit, allowed me to lose 7 kg of fat and pick up 3 kg of muscle in three months.

Rizel Delano (5 Months)

It wasn't until I did a DEXA scan that I realised how much fat I've gained over the years despite being low-carb and exercising daily. Jelena helped me discover that I've been in a whopping 400 daily calorie surplus for years now. I lost 5.4 kg of fat in 5 months simply by cutting out my nut butters.

How I Can Help


The fastest way to get started is with your 1st fat-loss breakthrough experience: a 90 min 1-on-1 "assess & prescribe" coaching session designed to help you identify the behavioural barriers preventing you from making immediate progress.

If you're a busy, self-sufficient individual in need of a personalised fat-loss plan you can trust (and follow on your own), then this is for you.

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By far the most efficient, insulated, and affordable way to set yourself up for guaranteed fat-loss success with like-minded/bodied individuals is to join my live 6-week group-coaching course (LRE).

If you're someone who wants to master the essentials of longevity-based fat-loss one step at a time with a support-network then this is for you.

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Another way to work with me is by signing up for the 10X Fitness Certification program with Mindvalley. Each year Lorenzo Delano (founder of 10X) and I team up for 16 weeks to train and certify over a thousand individuals in the 10X method

If you want to transform your body (and those of your clients) while learning how to run a successful health coaching business then this is for you.

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Useful To Know

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Regardless of where you start, 1-on-1 coaching, a live group-coaching course, or even a health-coach certification, the journey through each of the longevity-recomp fat-loss stages remains the same. 

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