My Profile

I am the founder of Longevity Recomp, a health-coaching practice dedicated to helping people sustain the kinds of body composition changes (recomp) that supports their long-term health, fitness, aesthetic, & aging goals (longevity).

I'm also the co-founder of 10X Fitness Coaching, a health-coach certification program in which I help to train and certify hundreds of coaches in the 10X method each year. 

I'm the creator of the Longevity Recomp Assessment (LRA), the most comprehensive, personalised fat-loss plan service available anywhere, and the Longevity Recomp Masterclass (LRM), the first body-recomp program-design certification designed for clients & coaches alike.

Collectively, I've helped hundreds of individuals and coaches successfully apply the science of longevity-centric fat-loss in their own lives (and those of their clients).

Last but not least, I'm a Cape Town based, cold-water immersing, food-experimenting, personal-transformation junkie, mother (of two), and agnostic-lover of life.

My Story

Like with most of my clients, my story starts with my very first DEXA-scan and blood-test report, the results of which marked the day that changed everything for me. But before I divulge, it’s important to understand the context in which I processed these data.

Imagine spending more than a decade as a yoga-teacher’s instructor and personal trainer (never learning to measure variables of true consequence) believing you were in the best shape of your life, serving as a health-exemplar to your friends, family, and clients, only to discover the exact opposite. Well, that was me.
My DEXA-scan and blood-test results revealed that I was not only overfat (based on my VAT of >1 kg and body-fat of 31%) and undermuscled (with an ALMI of <6 kg/m2) but also insulin-resistant (with a HOMA-2 score of above 3, triglycerides above 150 mg/dL, and sky-high levels of Apo-B cholesterol).
In other words, I am now to believe that despite having done all the so-called right things for so long (daily exercise, low-carb dieting, intermittent-fasting, etc.), I was gaining fat, losing muscle, and on a fast-track to type-2 diabetes. What!? How is this possible?
Needless to say, I was devastated, embarrassed, and felt like a fraud (as I now had to question everything I thought I knew about health). But more importantly, it provided me with both the intelligence and drive necessary to turn my health around and make Longevity Recomp the success it is today.
Which is exactly what I did. I spent the subsequent four years modelling the top applied fat-loss, hypertrophy, exercise-physiology, and longevity experts in the world (i.e. Lorenzo Delano, Peter Attia, Doug McGuff, Bryan Walsh, Layne Norton, Gabrielle Lyon, just to name a few) and became obsessed with taking a data-driven approach to absolutely everything I do.

Long story short, I reversed my condition in less than a year (I lost 4 kg of fat, gained 3 kg of muscle, and restored my metabolic health), stopped teaching yoga (though I still practice), helped formulate the 10X method (displacing my personal training services), and started coaching others exclusively on the sin-quo-non of lasting, healthy fat-loss. That is, Longevity Recomp.

My Philosophy

My previous philosophy (predicated largely on an appeal-to-popularity lifestyle), which literally detracted from my longevity, read much like the below 6-myths:

  1. As long as I feel good, then things must be good
  2. The thinner you are, the healthier you must be (conversely, the fatter you are, the more unhealthy you must be)
  3. As long as I eat clean, I don’t have to worry about calories
  4. The more weight I lose, the better I will look (and feel about myself)
  5. Health & fitness is 80% diet & 20% exercise
  6. Yoga is all everyone needs, lifting weights are for bodybuilders

Longevity Recomp, a philosophy predicated on the insights generated from a scientifically-informed, data-driven, and methodologically-integrated approach to helping people recomposition their bodies (or fat-to-muscle ratio) in a way that’s compatible with their long-term health, reads instead like this: 

  1. Data + feelings = actionable knowledge (feelings alone = delusion)
  2. Your health has nothing to do with your weight, but the upper-limit of your ability to store fat safely (indicated by VAT)
  3. Any diet in excess = fat-gain; any diet in a deficit = weight-loss
  4. Weight loss via fasting/dieting absent resistance exercise = fat-loss + muscle-mass loss = loss of strength & metabolic-health
  5. Fitness is 100% exercise and fat-loss is 100% diet (stop fighting)
  6. Yoga = mobility and stability; resistance-exercise = strength, hypertrophy, and power; cardio = endurance, stamina, and heart-health (why choose only one?)

I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that anyone who transitions from the first set of beliefs to the second (in one form or another), cannot NOT achieve their lasting, fat-loss goals.